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Louis division doors and windows store management rules

Date:2016-12-27 SOURCE: Onclick:3504

First, the store code of conduct

1, customers to shop, reception staff immediately stand up, welcome Kolinlouis den, take the initiative to meet. Provide water services.

2, no loud noise in the store, do nothing to do with the work, the boss said duty.

3, do not put the project has nothing to do with things, such as glass, mirror, cosmetic bag, newspapers and magazines etc..

4, led by the receptionist is responsible for visiting friends, introduce and provide water services. Coffee table is only used for reception, not in this chat, sleep, etc..

5, business, shopping guide ready to receive customers ready, the reception time someone, convenient and timely reception of customers.

6, working time to seriously receive each group of visiting customers.

7, front desk computer mainly for daily office use, no play independent video music.

8, sales staff in the completion of calls and visiting customers reception work, timely work records.

9, care for the young, who, not laugh at others.

Two, store management


Training management

1, according to the store old and new employees of the actual situation to develop targeted training program.

2, the training plan should be fully considered: the company's corporate culture, professional knowledge, product knowledge, service etiquette, sales skills, customer objections and suspicion, etc..

3, according to the problems in store sales targeted training, the actual solution store problems, thereby improving store performance.

4, the establishment of internal WeChat group, the implementation of online communication learning.


customer management

1, according to the transaction with customers, supervise staff to do customer information entry work, for later query and summary, there are sustainable customers, to timely tracking feedback.

2, often on the customer file analysis finishing, the customer grade distinction, supervise staff to do a good job of customer return visit, understand the customer's aluminum product demand.

3, regular customer records query and analysis, understand the final transaction amount of customers, analyze customer consumption ability, product style, love the final selling products, for different customer groups for product promotion activities.

4, the establishment of products WeChat professional exchange group, and partners and potential customers online communication discussion, consolidate partners, cultivate potential customers.


Sales management

1, according to the actual situation of the store, make reasonable monthly, quarterly, annual sales plan and develop sales target.

2, according to the sales plan, to develop local consumption promotion plan, report to the boss approval and execution.

3, according to the program, the implementation of sales plans and promotional programs, the above two sales plan for the final summary, experience, and constantly improve store sales performance!

Three, the clerk duties and requirements

1, strictly abide by the norms of the staff daily work: do not be late, do not leave early, does not work without leave, no special circumstances can not shift or down, need to adjust the class or public must consult the manager approved beforehand.

2, hospitality, courteous service, take the initiative to introduce products to full of spirit, with a smile, answer. No customers to maintain a good attitude, collate templates or learn product knowledge or exchange of marketing skills.

3, every day on the store, shop floor tiles, models and other places need to be cleaned thoroughly cleaned according to requirements, so that any place is bright without dust.

4, the use of sanitary cleaning tools, should be placed in the eyes of customers can not reach the place, and do cleaning tools cleaning.

5, the whole store staff should unite, work together to do the work. Not allowed to work early or shut down early business. When work, cut off the power supply, lock the safe and doors and windows, do fire prevention work.

6, fill in the monthly sales list, for the end of the month sales statistics. View inventory tables, learn about existing products, learn more about product performance and advantages, and target products for inventory.

7, strive to learn product knowledge, improve professional skills and skilled application of sales skills; in-depth understanding of New River service concept, to guide customers to visit the exhibition hall, with warm introduction characteristics related products, professional requirements, system, confidence, initiative to assist the manager to complete the sales work.

8, obey the work arrangement, efforts to complete the sales targets issued.

Four, daily work flow


The organization will be held in the morning

1, confirm the status of staff (attendance, vacation, shift, grooming and mental health).

2, convey important documents and notice boss.

3, yesterday business conditions confirm, analysis.

4, for business problems, instructions related personnel to improve.

5, assign work plan.


In store status confirmation and work arrangement

Sanitary cleaning, 1 store, showcase, model.

2, supervise the work of the clerk, the wrong place promptly corrected.

3, check the day of delivery of customer information, and customer communication arrangements for delivery.

Five, the single process

Customer reception - Analysis - customer order confirmation - payment orders orders (customer service) - complete orders.

1, each reception a customer, by the sales staff in the customer visit registration record.

2, customers into the store front desk must stand to show respect.

3, sales staff reception customers and complete the work should be immediately back to the front desk.

4, old customers, telephone booking customers to the store to ask related matters, are considered former staff reception customers once.

5, as long as the customer inquiries about the matter, that is, receive customers once, carefully fill out customer information.

Six, performance management


Sales planning

1, should be based on the season to the number of stores, store turnover rate, store single transaction amount to develop the month sales plan, and then plan to break down every week, every day.

2, the plan must include total sales, actual sales last month compared to analyze the difference.

3, analysis of selling products and unsalable goods according to actual sales situation, and puts forward some suggestions on the promotional activities.


Sales plan execution

According to the sales plan is carried out seriously, make a summary of the implementation plan to deal with boss every day, the staff of the analysis of the collected into the store customer reception, customer information, supervise the Purchasing Guide, the clerk calls or visits, to enter the store information and keep customers to deal.


Analysis of implementation

1, each weekly, monthly employee to boss plans to report the implementation, analyzes the reasons of the differences, the implementation is directly related to the vital interests of the various awards and related stores.

2, business manager of the whole store in charge of sales, and to make a report on the implementation of weekly and monthly, the reason of the difference analysis of new and old customers and the proportion of sales plan, implementation is directly related to the assessment and selection of stores and its own.


Performance appraisal and reward, punishment

1, according to the actual sales situation of staff sales ability analysis, to complete the sales task or exceed the task of staff reasonable reward;

2, for a long time or not up to the standard of sales management and service level of poor staff, will give the automatic pay cut or in accordance with relevant regulations.

Seven, after-sales service management system

To standardize after-sales service management, establish a good brand image, cultivate staff diligence, discipline, high efficiency, professionalism, need to develop after-sales service management system:

1, should consciously establish a good image of the brand, uniform dress, civilized manners, dignified instruments, verbal cordial, agile action, rigorous work.

2, should earnestly safeguard the interests of the brand, cherish every business, pay attention to every detail of service, austerity, prohibited extravagance and waste.

3, should establish the service to forever service concept. Handle the installation of products, be careful to avoid damage products or damage to customer items. If you need to move the customer goods, customers should first obtain consent, generally not to the customer to the water to smoke, no loud noise, such as accidentally damaged customer property, should take the initiative to apologize.

4, installation or maintenance of products, should be patient and careful, responsible. Tools should be placed in the tool bag, not arbitrarily cut line, trample. After the end of time to clean up the garbage, plastic bags into the customer room.

5, installation or maintenance process, generally do not require customer help. Presentation of products, should be carefully introduced the function of products, to answer customer questions not to mind taking the trouble to. After the installation or maintenance, shall recover all arrears, shall not receive a tip from the customer.

6, to take good care of the items carried, careful inventory, in particular to pay attention to whether the tool is missing.

7, after the end of the business, should be returned to the store in no time, no reason to stay outside, in order to arrange new business.

It is important to choose the brand, not only the excellent product, service operation process more stringent, in the service of the king of the times, only more excellent services to more prominent product excellence, New River aluminum, big brands, rest assured!