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Factory fire doors from September 1 3C certification required

Date:2015-09-30 SOURCE: Onclick:3464

  In recent years, while fiery fire door market, substandard fire doors also brings a lot of security risks. Fire doors are the most common types of building fire separation member can open and close, meet the requirements of fire doors should have good high temperature, thermal insulation and anti-smoke penetration performance, and should have shut itself down after a fire personnel through the function, to ensure play its role in fire separation. In the February 10, 2014 the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Ministry of Public Security, the national commission jointly issued a notice, decided to home fire alarm products, combustible gas alarm products, fire doors, portable fire extinguishers, fire emergency lighting and evacuation instructions products 59 kinds of fire protection products compulsory product certification (ie "CCC certification").

  Implementation since September 1, 2015. Where the inclusion of fire protection products for this compulsory product certification directory, without the mandatory product certification and unlabeled compulsory product certification mark shall not be manufactured, sold, imported or used in other business activities. Since September 1, 2014, the principal may submit certification of the certified product to the designated certification body. This first implementation of compulsory product certification catalog to be investigated in the fire AQSIQ website.

  CCC certification is a government to protect national security, human health and safety, environmental and other purposes, the conformity assessment system has access nature of the market according to law, the certification scope covers related to personal health and safety of electrical, electronic, telecommunications, machinery, motor vehicles, building materials, security and fire, medical equipment, light industry, chemical industry, etc. have a major impact on the national economy industries. Currently, the implementation of the CCC fire reached a total of 15 categories Catalog 93 kinds, covering all the conditions have certification and implementation of fire protection products.

  After the fire doors 3C certification implemented, will effectively regulate market fire doors, fire doors to avoid accidents due to quality problems caused.